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BRE digest 365 – Soakaway Design

Soakaways are a common method used in the UK for disposing of surface water from roofs, driveways, and other hard surfaces. BRE Digest 365 is a collection of technical reports and guidance documents produced by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) that provides information on the design and construction of soakaways.

The BRE Digest 365 report on soakaways covers a variety of topics including design principles, construction methods, and regulatory requirements. The report provides detailed information on the different types of soakaways, such as single-pipe and multi-pipe systems, and the factors that should be considered when choosing the appropriate type for a specific site.

The report also includes information on how to design and construct a soakaway using soakaway design calculations, which includes details on the recommended size, depth, and location of the soakaway. It also provides guidance on the materials that should be used, such as gravel, crushed rock and bricks, and the construction methods that should be employed.

In addition, the report covers the regulatory requirements and best practices for soakaways, including the need for planning permission and building regulations approval, and the importance of ensuring that the soakaway is not located in a flood zone or near a watercourse.

It is important to note that soakaway design and construction should be done in accordance with local regulations and guidelines, and that the report is not a substitute for professional advice.