SudS Reports for Planning

What is a SuDS report?

Surface water drainage and management made easy.

Building an extension? Planning a new development? Regardless of your project, a SuDS report is your key to smooth sailing through the planning process.

A SuDS report – also known as a Sustainable Urban Drainage System report – is a comprehensive assessment of a proposed drainage strategy within a development project. It outlines the design, implementation, and maintenance of sustainable drainage systems which mimic natural drainage processes, reduce flooding risks, and improve water quality, among other environmental benefits.

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Sud's Example - Greenroof

SuDS Example: Green Roof

What is Included in a SuDS report?

  • Analysis of pre- and post-development surface water runoff, including calculations
  • Assessment of pre- and post-development contributing areas and routes of exceedance
  • Percolation tests according to BRE365 standards
  • Soakaway sizing calculations based on BRE365 guidelines
  • Calculations for surface water attenuation
  • Examination of SuDS system hierarchy in alignment with local and national policies
  • Development of a proposed urban drainage system adhering to local and national policies
  • Preparation of outline plans for the layout of SuDS components
  • Creation of detailed design plans for the construction of the sustainable drainage system features
  • Formulation of management and maintenance plans to ensure the long-term functionality of SuDS throughout the development’s lifespan
Sud's Example: Attenuation and Detention Features

SuDS Example: Attenuation and Detention Features

What are the Benefits of a SuDS Drainage System Report?

Here’s what a SuDS report can do for you:

  • Flood Risk Mitigation: SuDS reports provide strategies to mitigate flood risks, safeguarding properties and infrastructure against potential damages caused by stormwater runoff.
  • Fast Track Approval: By providing detailed documentation and strategies that adhere to local regulations and environmental standards, SuDS drainage reports simplify and streamline the approval process.This ensures development projects progress efficiently while minimising delays and ensuring timely delivery.
  • Environmental Sustainability: By mimicking natural drainage processes, SuDS system solutions promote environmental sustainability, preserving local ecosystems, and enhancing biodiversity.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Urban drainage system reports ensure compliance with local regulations and environmental standards, streamlining the approval process for development projects.
  • Cost Savings: Implementing the recommendations from SuDS reports can lead to cost savings by reducing the need for expensive flood damage repairs. SuDs reports also minimise fines associated with non-compliance and optimise long-term maintenance costs.
  • Improved Water Quality: SuDS systems help improve water quality by reducing pollutants in stormwater runoff, therefore contributing to cleaner waterways and healthier communities.

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For more information on SuDS Reports and to gain an understanding of what to expect, please see our latest blog Understanding Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems or feel free to give one of our drainage consultants a call on 01902 585206.

How Do I Know if I Need a SuDs Drainage Report?

If you’re starting a development project that involves managing surface water runoff, you might be wondering whether you need a sustainable drainage system report. Here are some indicators that suggest you could benefit from a SuDS report:

  1. Local Regulations: Check with your local planning authority to determine if SuDS requirements apply to your project. Many jurisdictions now require urban drainage system solutions to effectively manage stormwater runoff.
  2. Site Characteristics: Assess your site’s topography, soil type, and drainage conditions. If your site is prone to flooding or has limited drainage infrastructure, a SuDS report can help design appropriate drainage solutions.
  3. Project Scale: Larger developments or those with highly impervious surfaces (such as car parks or rooftops) typically require more sophisticated drainage strategies. A SuDS report can provide tailored solutions to manage runoff efficiently.
  4. Environmental Impact: Consider the potential environmental impact of your project. Sustainable urban drainage solutions not only mitigate flood risks but also enhance biodiversity, improve water quality, and promote environmental sustainability.
  5. Long-Term Planning: If you’re committed to building sustainable and resilient communities, incorporating SuDS into your development plans is essential. A SuDS report can help future-proof your project against climate change impacts and regulatory changes.
SuDS Report example

SuDS Example: Permeable Paving

Meeting BRE365 Standards: A Guide to Sustainable Building Design - Onn Point

SuDS Example: Soakaway/Infiltration

For more information on SuDS Reports and to gain an understanding of what to expect, please see our latest blog Understanding Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems or feel free to give one of our team a call on 01902 585206.

SuDs Report FAQs

What is a SuDS report?

A SuDS report, or Sustainable Urban Drainage System report, is an in-depth evaluation of a proposed drainage plan for a development project. It details the design, implementation, and maintenance of sustainable drainage systems. These systems mimic natural drainage methods, mitigate flood risks, enhance water quality, and provide various environmental benefits.

When would a SuDS system report be required?

A SuDS system report is required for:

  • The pre-planning and planning application stage
  • Discharging planning conditions
  • Flood risk reduction
  • BREEAM surface water runoff credits
What happens if I don’t get a SuDS report?

Without a SuDS drainage report for your project, you risk a range of consequences. Some of these consequences include:

  • Project delays
  • Increased surface water runoff flood risk
  • Regulatory complications
  • Disruption to lives and business

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Can SuDS reports be used for existing developments?

Yes, SuDS reports can be applied to existing developments that require upgrades to their drainage systems. Retrofitting sustainable drainage design solutions works to improve water management, reduce flood risks, and enhance environmental benefits for established properties.

How long does it take to prepare a drainage report?

The time it takes to prepare a SuDS drainage report varies depending on the complexity and scale of the project. Usually, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. This includes site assessment, design development, hydraulic modeling, and report compilation. Contact our team to find out how long it could take to prepare a SuDS report for your particular project.

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