Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the payment terms?

Invoices will be raised on acceptance of our fee proposal in line with our company terms of business. Invoices will need to be cleared before the release of the design files.


What do I need to provide to enable you to start Drainage design works? (Where available)


  • Percolation test results or GI/SI Report – Required
  • SVP & RWP Locations – Can be assumed.
  • CCTV Report – (Where applicable, information from site can be used)
  • Local Sewer records – We can obtain these.
  • Proposed site drawings in DWG format. – Required
  • Topographical Survey in DWG format – We can purchase Lidar Data
  • External Levels Drawing – Site dependant.


When will I receive the design package?

On average our lead time is 3-4 weeks, however if timescales are an issue, please discuss this with us, an expedited service is available at a cost.

Please note we won’t be able to schedule your works in until we have all information required.

Will I be kept up to date throughout the process?

We will keep in contact throughout the process, if we require any more information or if there are any issues, we will always let you know. Please refrain from chasing us for updates unless we go over the given time quoted on acceptance.

Are there any additional charges?

Additional charges will only arise if there are changes to the layout and we are required to start over, or if the relevant authority requests additional information not covered in the initial fee proposal.

What is a percolation/infiltration test?

Percolation tests determine if infiltration techniques can be utilised on site in line with the SuD’s hierarchy.

Does the fee include any third-party fees?

Our fee proposals do not cover any third-party fees, these must be paid directly by the client.